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PPC Company in IndiaPPC Company in India – Pay Per click is one of the most important Digital Marketing strategies where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads click. In this competitive environment, Solutions 1313 is the No.1 PPC Company in India that offers the best PPC services in India. We understand the need for PPC advertising services for a business to attract important leads as well as conversions. Accordingly, we try our best to deliver the most accurate PPC services in India. With more than 8 years of expertise in Google AdWords, Solutions 1313 is the best Digital Marketing Company in India. We take care of leads generation, e-commerce sales, APP Installations, Calls, Queries, and Video Promotions.

Best PPC Company in India –

Do you know more than 3 billion people access the internet world with 3.5 billion searches every day? Therefore, in such a scenario hiring a professional PPC Company India has become more important than ever. However, with effective PPC campaigns and strategies, a business can promote its products or services on various search engines. As PPC India Company based in Chandigarh, we help you with an opportunity to get on top listings on search engines. Our Best PPC Company in India will make sure you get more ROI from your B2B and B2C advertising campaigns. It also helps you to get more brand visibility through advertising and overall PPC marketing services always help your business grow.

Why Solutions 1313?

The reason to choose our PPC expert India Company is that Solutions 1313 PPC strategies are slightly different from the rest. With an experience of more than 8 years, our PPC expert India keeps a close tab on which type of PPC campaign will suit a business that will ensure maximum lead generation and ROI. Although, we regularly keep track of the running PPC campaigns.  We track all the details using data analytics to further strategize the next marketing moves for higher ad positions at low costs. Our PPC Company in India follows a structured process comprising keyword research and selection, competitor analysis, bid management, ad copy creation as well as ad placements on the search engines.

Pay Per Click Ad Services –

  • Leads Generation – We create a highly effective Google ads campaign to generate leads for different businesses. Like real estate, education, travel, immigration and more.
  • Shopping Ads – We create a highly effective shopping ads campaign along with a remarketing campaign to bring more sales from client shopping sites.
  • Youtube Ads – Our PPC services in India also includes youtube video promotion with Google Ads where we create video ads and broad target audience to bring more views, subscribers or traffic to your website.
  • APPS Promotion – Most of the business have Mobile APPS. With our Google APPS Promotion campaign, we can increase your Mobile APPS Installation as well as engagement for our clients.
  • Search Advertising – Search advertising is one of the most popular and important channels in Google Adwords. It becomes very important when you are looking to drive growth on a tight budget.
  • Display Advertising – The important PPC advertising strategy gives digital marketers immense power in the form of phenomenal reach. It is commonly used for building brand awareness as well as trust for your brand effectively.
  • Remarketing – It is a smart technique, which our PPC Company in India uses to show ads to users who have visited your website earlier. It encourages users and reminds them of relevant ads. Although, the reminder ads are shown based on their search patterns as well as previous interactions with your website.

FaQs –

Is investing in PPC worth it?

By investing in PPC campaigns, your business gets an opportunity to appear in the top listings of the search engine result pages. In this way, you will get quick attention to your targeted customer.

The main benefits are –

  • You will charge when someone clicks on your ad, not for impression
  • You will pay only for the customer who is interested in your services
  • Advertisers can easily track their PPC Performance
  • The best method for instant results

How long does it take to see my PPC campaign results on Google?

As compared to Search engine optimization (SEO), PPC will give you very quick results. But to get consistency then it will take a while. Because the entire process involved in PPC campaigns are keyword research, quality scores, landing page creation, and others. On average it will take 1-2 months to get the PPC results you desire.

What are the prices of your PPC package?

In order to know the details of PPC packages please contact our PPC expert in India Amrinder Singh by dialing +91 9216041313.

Where will these PPC ads appear on the internet?

Depending upon the PPC ad like search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads or more. The ads can appear on the search engine result pages, social media platforms, other websites and apps that you are browsing.

How do I track the success of my PPC campaign?

You can measure the success of your PPC campaign with Click through Rate (CTR). It calculates by dividing the total number of clicks by impression. A good CTR means that your targeted audience is interested in your ads and services.

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