APP Development Company in Panchkula

APP Development Company in Panchkula

APP Development Company in Panchkula (APP Development in Panchkula) – Mobile apps have started gaining popularity due to the rise in smartphone users in the world. A mobile app enables users to do multiple tasks at the same time. Are you thinking of hiring experts for mobile app development in Panchkula? Solutions 1313 is one of the top mobile app development companies in Panchkula who can take care of all your requirements related to this domain. This India based company has its foundations in Chandigarh and Patiala and was set up in 2008. Solutions 1313 has branches in Surrey, Canada, and Melbourne, Australia as well. Moreover, the company has been delivering top-notch mobile app development services in Panchkula. Solutions 1313 possesses a team of experts who have handled more than 5000 projects since 2008. They are the most sought after app developers in Panchkula.

Here are the major reasons why you should hire a Mobile APP Development Company in Panchkula for your mobile app development:

  • Increasing your brand’s visibility

Your online business needs to be visible to your customers and the internet audience. You can increase your brand’s visibility by offering promotions and targeting your customers based on the metrics. Moreover, for Android and iOS mobile apps, you can hire expert app developers in Panchkula.

  • Establishing brand value

Mobile apps can help in establishing the brand value of your company. Moreover, a well developed mobile app can represent your company in an informative way to your audience on the internet. Remember that a well-tailored mobile app is the baseline for any successful online business and can attract successful conversions.

  • Providing value to customers

This is one of the crucial segments of mobile app development. You must make sure that your customers get what they are looking for in your app. Moreover, you must provide value to the customers online by providing a helpline number incase they need one.

  • Increase in sales

Mobile apps play a huge role when it comes to sales. Reports suggest that the majority of sales for the big names in the market came from mobile apps. Moreover, a well designed mobile app is essential if you want to boost sales of your business.

  • Marketing platform

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using a mobile app for business. Your business can automate new launches, new product changes, new line ups, and new offers using your mobile app. Your mobile app is the face of the business and you can run all sorts of marketing campaigns in your app. Moreover, it serves as a fantastic marketing and promotional platform for your business.

Mobile APP Development in Panchkula – The need of the hour

Mobile phones play an important role in businesses these days and the demand for mobile apps is at an all-time high. Moreover, from selling their products to marketing new launches, mobile apps provide all the facilities to the business owners all in one place. In conclusion, mobile apps have made things simpler and easier for sellers and customers as well.

Every business in the world is moving to make its mobile apps. Business can be small scale or large scale according to its capital investment. Companies have started investing heavily in mobile apps these days. Moreover, mobile apps have benefited businesses in terms of sales and promotions. In conclusion, highly optimized mobile apps have become the need of the hour to propagate your business successfully across the markets.

Speaking of businesses in Punjab, the sellers often hire mobile app development companies in Panchkulato tailor a well-optimized mobile app.

Why choose Solutions 1313 over other companies?

Speaking of a mobile app development company in Panchkula, many companies are willing to take up projects related to android app development in Panchkula. They also house some of the experienced android developers in Panchkula.

But Solutions 1313 is the ultimate destination for you and here are the reasons why you should choose us:

  • The company offers a wide range of solutions in domains such as content marketing, SEO, PPC, digital marketing, mobile app development, and email marketing.
  • You can trust Solutions 1313 and our services will surely fetch ROI more than what you have expected. High ROI fetching has made Solutions 1313 one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in Panchkula.
  • The company is considered a maestro in the industry and is regarded as an expert in mobile app development in Panchkula. Within a short time, we will make sure that your business reaches the goals and the targets you have set previously.
  • Being a leading APP Development Company in Panchkula, Solutions 1313 believes in transparency in the workspace as well as an ethical work culture.
  • The company believes in setting new benchmarks with new projects and adding to its brand value through its dedicated work. Moreover, you can get all the facilities at an affordable price range.

Mobile app development services by Solutions 1313

Solutions 1313 is all about the right balance among the price, affordability, service quality, and delivery. Being the best mobile app development company in Panchkula, Solutions 1313 is also a reputed android app development company in Panchkula.

Here are the primary mobile app development services in Panchkula provided by the company to its clients:
  • Android app development

The growing number of Android devices in the world is one of the reasons mobile app developers have switched to creating android apps. Android users are in abundance in the internet world and it is essential to hire a reputed android developer in Panchkula. Solutions 1313 is the best APP Development Company in Panchkula which houses some of the best android application developers in Panchkula and you can hire them for android app development.

  • iOS app development

Mobile apps are majorly categorized based on two major mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. iOS users show a higher rate of brand loyalty compared to android users. This is a reason why iOS apps pay off well when it comes to long term usage of an app. You can also port your existing Android application to iOS application if you want to. Hence, Hire experienced app developers in Panchkula who can build such apps for your business.

  • React Native app development

This is one of the trending mobile app development models used globally. Solutions 1313 is involved in building cross-platform mobile applications that can run on both Android and iOS operating systems. For this type of application, the coding is done in React Native and hence the name React Native mobile app development. Moreover, you can hire an experienced application developer in Panchkula to build native apps.

  • AR mobile app development

The term AR is nothing but Augmented Reality. AR offers new heights and opens up new portals for customer engagement. Developers in Solutions 1313 are involved in building context-aware AR apps and it uses location data to enhance the marketing promotional campaigns to the targeted customers. Solutions 1313 is an app development company in Panchkula which can take up the challenge and deliver the best product.

Services offered by Solutions 1313APP Development Company in Panchkula

Mobile users are an important part of online businesses and app development is crucial. With a proper mobile app, sales can get a boost to a great extent. Solutions 1313 is one of the top mobile app development companies in Panchkula and it houses experienced app developers in Panchkula.

Solutions 1313 provides a range of services related to app development and they are as following:

Native Development

Under Native Development, we have two major segments –iOS app development and Android app development.

  • iOS app development

App development in iOS includes API integration and ARKit solutions which are handled by our iOS mobile development experts. The huge demand for Apple fans is thereby met.

  • Android app development

App development in Android includes all the processes and works related to the latest Android tech available in the market. This is one of the most popular sectors of the tech market at this point.

Cross-platform app development

Under cross-platform app development, there are two major segments –Hybrid app development and Native app development.

  • Hybrid app development

Hybrid app development includes the creation of cross-platform apps, establishing real-time data syncs with Web stocks, and many more interesting and useful apps. Our team of experts can help you build an efficient as well as a reliable backend along with a secure IoT structure.

  • Native app development

Native app development segment in the cross-platform app development module is not a new one in the market. Our specialists have hands-on experience in developing native apps with up to 50 percent reusable code. It forms up to 90 percent shared code and includes data visualization as well.

Solutions 1313 & About the founder

The founder of Solutions 1313, Mr.Amrinder Singh is a brand when it comes to web development and digital marketing. Mr.Singh is a highly reputed digital marketeer who currently has 12 yearsof experience in the industry. He is a proud owner of 3 reputed digital marketing companies in three countries – India, Australia, and Canada.

Mr.Singh holds a Master’s degree in Computer (IT) and is a Google/Bing Individual Certified Professional. He started his career with the ideology that he will encourage and assist 1 lakh people to change the course of their careers and become digital marketers. He has dedicated himself to the industry and has successfully made a name for himself in the country.

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