5 Start-up Business Marketing Problems and Why Digital Marketing can solve them

5 Start-up Business Marketing Problems and Why Digital Marketing can solve them

Whenever we start a new business, we have to face many problems and it is quite normal because starting a business is not an easy task. It needs lots of effort. However, it is very indispensable to know about the immediate and necessary action that needs to be put at the right time. Moreover, to approach the right audience is very compulsory for long-term survival.

Now we are going to discuss some marketing problems which are very important to solve and that can be solved by learning internet marketing skills.

  • The life span of Advertisement: – As we know that all have an expiry date. The same is with the advertisement. Do you know how long your marketing money is going to work? Does it remain a life-time or will lapse soon? A traditional advertisement has a very short life span and you have to pay for one edition or one day. If you find that it is working fine then good, else you have to jump over the next plan. On the other hand, if you start internet marketing in proper planning then it can work for a long time and you have to notice one thing that internet marketing has no expiry date.
  • Interrupting Others: – As we know, traditional marketing always uses forceful ways to advertise the product and it compels people to their product forcefully. Traditional marketing is also called “interruption marketing” or “outbound marketing”. In this kind of marketing, people are not willing to buy your products. Therefore, it really not works in the long run. On the other side, you can use effective Internet Marketing strategies to attract your potential customers. It provides you a better result and engages your customer with their preference. For example, it will promote your product as people want to see it and it helps you to increase your brand awareness and product reach.
  • Without a focus on spending: – If we talk about a traditional way then most companies use newspapers or radio for commercial ads. But if we see modern marketing then it seems to an old idea to adopt these kinds of ads because it does not target the audience which will be beneficial for us. On the other side, by internet marketing, you can target the right audience and one important thing is that Whatever, you spend that would be worthwhile for you and you will get good returns if you use these methods in a proper way. For this, we should say thanks to technology. Growth of every business depends upon the interest of the customer and digital marketing helps you know that and get that in the right manner.
  • Having fewer resources: – Resources are the key to success. Therefore, it is important to have the right resources to generate more sales. There is a need for proper investment at the initial stage of branding and marketing, but Traditional ways and its channels are expensive they require more funds. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right decision because it can help you to get more and it is very hard to choose all the platforms. Moreover, Marketing plans start by identifying the target audience and after that, you need to approach them. But the problem occurs when we do not choose the right decision. We have to ensure that any wrong decision cannot destroy the business. So, be careful as well as practical while choosing. On the other side, With the help of Internet Marketing Channels like SEO, PPC, Social Media activities, Content Writing you can promote your new business with a very low budget.
  • No proper measurement formula: -As per john Wanamaker “half of the amount he spends on his advertising has been wasted, the problem is that he doesn’t know which half. Actually, all traditional and old methods do not have any data to analyze the effectiveness of his advertisement. Therefore, it is very difficult to decide that you should repeat this or not.

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